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Youth are the future of our rabbit hobby and the NRRC. Here you will access to NRRC Youth Scholarship forms and Guidelines, as well as reports on outstanding youth achievements. We hope you get involved and join in the FUN!

We are proud of the achievements of our youth members and encourage you to submit important show wins and other achievements of note as they relate to your Rex rabbit activities whether it be ARBA sanctioned show wins (Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex, Best 4 Class, or Reserve in Show) or 4-H show wins (BOB, BOS, BIS, RIS, showmanship, judging, etc).

Youth members honored with Best in Show wins with Rex at shows where Rex have been sanctioned by the NRRC, should submit those photos and accompanying information to the Royal Rex section of this website.



The NRRC established the Mike Wade Memorial Scholarship Fund, in honor and memory of NRRC member and strong supporter - Mike Wade, following his passing in 2008. Mike, along with his wife Sherry, were avid supporters of the ARBA, NRRC, and 4-H Youth Programs for many years.

After joining the ARBA in 1990, both Mike and Sherry were instrumental in promoting the rabbit and cavy fancy throughout the Mid-Atlantic region as well as 4-H clubs and their members. Both were avid supporters of the NRRC and their beloved Rex breed as well. In fall of 2008, Mike was awarded posthumously the ARBA Distinguished Service Award as well as was his wife Sherry, who accepted the award on their behalf.

Their service to youth members was outstanding and Mike and Sherry participated in not only hosting local rabbit and cavy workshops, but would also help other organizations with their educational programs as well. Because of this tireless service, the NRRC instituted the Mike Wade Memorial Scholarship to further the educational path of deserving NRRC Youth members.

Each year, the NRRC raises funds for the scholarship via the 50/50 Rex Auction held at the ARBA National Convention and from private donations from individuals, corporations, and affiliated Rex specialty clubs. The scholarships are announced at the National Rex Show held in April of each year. The scholarship funds are distributed to recipients upon satisfactory proof of registration for the following fall semester.



January 1st each year
(Request to NRRC Secretary or
download from website)

February 1st each year
(Submission post-mark)


  1. The applicant must be a member in good standing of the National Rex Rabbit Club and have been actively engaged in breeding, raising, and showing Rex Rabbits for at least two (2) years.

  2. Scholarship applications blanks must be requested from the National Rex Club Secretary no later than January 1st or downloaded from the National Rex website.

  3. The applicant must submit four (4) copies of his/her completed application to the National Rex Club Secretary postmarked no later than February 1st.

  4. The Secretary will verify membership status of the applicants and forward the applications to the Scholarship Committee.

  5. The application must include the following:

    1. Cover sheet

    2. Three (3) letters of recommendation; one (1) from a teacher and two (2) from adult members in good standing of the National Rex Rabbit Club.

    3. A high school or college or trade school transcript; minimum grade point average of 2.9/C

    4. Recent photo or snapshot. Copy of photo is okay.

    5. An essay of 250-500 words about you. Please include the following:

    1. Leadership experiences including offices held and presentations given.

    2. Awards and honors you received.

    3. Projects you participated in especially ones you designed.

    4. Why you enjoy raising and showing Rex rabbits.

    5. Your future goals.

  6. The Scholarship is for one year only but it may be received three (3) times through the age of
    twenty-three (23). Applications must be made and approved each year.

  7. The Scholarship funds are to be used for college or vocational education/training.

  8. Recipients will receive the Mike Wade Memorial Scholarship funds upon proof of registration for the Fall School Term.

  9. Any information found to be false shall void the application and the applicant agrees to return any funds they may have been received from the Scholarship Fund.

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