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Welcome to the NRRC online store!

Now you can pay for or renew your NRRC membership, request sanctions, purchase a Breeder Listing, or order official NRRC merchandise all from the convenience of your PC!*


The NRRC utilizes PayPal - the safe and secure way to pay. Don't have a Paypal account? Not a problem. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to make purchases on the NRRC website. You can use your credit or debit card just as you would for any other online purchase or even take advantage of E-check services.

Please note...When ordering clothing items, please contact the NRRC Secretary and inquire whether that item/color/size is currently available. The NRRC reserves the right to make substitutions if orders for clothing items are received for items out of stock or otherwise unavailable.

* A small online handling fee applies to all online purchases and will be built into the online price or may be listed as 'Tax' during your checkout.

Now you can order and pay for a website breeder listing online!
For less than $1.00/month, NRRC members* can purchase a listing on the NRRC website as well as in Rex World. That's an unbeatable value for your advertising dollar. For this low fee, members can list:

  • Rabbitry Name

  • Member Name

  • Address

  • Phone

  • E-mail Address

  • Website Address

  • Varieties Raised



  • Non-members may purchase a listing for $25/year plus a small online handling fee.

  • PayPal Fees (shown as 'Tax'), will be added at check-out.


Non-Merchandise Purchases

When paying online, select "pick-up" as the delivery option so you are not charged shipping fees.

Please remember to fill out the applications for

membership, sanctions and breeder's listings and then return here, scroll to the icons below, and select them for purchase through the store. 

Note: Open sanction fee is now $15.


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